1. How much does it cost?

GOB2B can be used free of charge in your computer, smartphone, smartbook or digital TV in 195 countries.

2. Who should use it?

Everyone who wants to increase his or her business activity and interact globally in his industry should use GOB2B.

3. Can I contact someone I haven't been introduced?

Sure. That is GOB2B's propose. Remember that everyone who registered in our system is looking forward to interact globally in their industry. You can send either our standard message to introduce yourself, or make it personal, more specific to your field.

4. Why should I use this website?

By registering at GOB2B you will be able to:
* Search for products and services across the globe, starting from your own language.
We developed a unique taxonomy system that overcomes any language barrier.
* Get connected to and interact with potential business partners.
* Create a personal business area where you will be able to search for products and services globally and access relevant business matches (leads) based on your profile. * Automatically receive business matches by e-mail.

5. How does it work?

When searchers use the specific queries provided by GOB2B, it automatically matches the user with other searchers with the same characteristics, and allows both to start a business relationship by adding each other to their own contact lists. Every time someone does a search that matches the user's profile, the user receives their contact data and is able to send them a personal invitation for doing business. At the end of each session, the user's personal business area is a visible evidence of the work that was done.

6. Can I find business matches without using the search tool?

Yes, but you should understand that you will receive suggested matches based on your business profile and your searches. That means every time you make a new search, you automatically generate inputs for new matches.

7. What's GOB2B's mission?

GOB2B's mission is to offer a free-of-charge multi-language infrastructure for business opportunities globally. In other words, create opportunity for your business to grow.

8. Where did GOB2B come from?

GOB2B is a special unit of PTI Brazil, regulatory database publisher and information provider to companies, universities and governments since 1972. It draws on almost 40 years' expertise of PTI's founder, Mr. Pierre Grossmann, in meeting the information needs of these institutions on a daily basis.